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Shane McCartney has been a Game Developer and Technical Director for the past 10 years and works as a freelance consultant and game developer to the worlds leading production companies based in his office located within Sydney, Australia.

The efforts of Shane and the teams he has participates with have received countless industry awards across the globe. Most of the games Shane has created have been enjoyed and played by several millions of players.

Shane has been featured in many industry publications world-wide such as .net magazine to paperback publications featuring his work. On many occasions writing articles such as ‘Create a physics game with Box2D’. Shane has also had many opportunities to present his digital wonderness at the renowned ‘Future. Innovation. Technology. Creativity’ conferences.

Career Overview

2008 – 2010 – Contract Lead/Senior Flash Architect

Agencies Shane’s been contracted with:

2006 – 2008 – Lead Flash Developer

Soap Creative

Lead Flash Developer for an assortment of campaign sites, web applications and games. Other responsibilities included team management, brain storming, information architecture, cost estimation & technical pre-production. An excellent overview of a majority of work completed at Soap during my time there can be watched on the show reel below.

2004 – 2006 – Senior Flash Developer / Designer

HotHouse Interactive

Senior Flash Developer for a wild variety of campaign sites, web applications and games.



  • Technical Direction
  • Actionscript / AIR, C++, C#
  • Unity 3D
  • Pixel Bender Shaders
  • Multi-Player Game Socket Servers
  • Physics and 3D Mathematics
  • iPhone and Android Game Development


  • Motion Graphics
  • Creative Direction


  • Blender 3D
  • XNA Xbox 360 Game Development


FWA Canne Cyber Lion Award Young Gun Award W3 Award The Webby Award Interactive Advertising Award New York Festivals Award The One Show Award Macromedia/Adobe Showcase Award Davey Awards AIMIA Horizon Award Golden Award Of Montreux